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Timing belt replacement interval: When change car timing belt?


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For which engines and after how many kilometers or years is it necessary to change the wiring of Volkswagen cars? Which cars have a timing belt holder and which are at risk of bursting? Add your experience with the price for timing belt replacement in service. This will help other VW owners. Thanks

My recomendations about timing belt

I will try to put all the available information in one pile here:

  • For the first-generation Touran with a 2.0 TDI 100 kW engine, the prescribed timing change interval is: 55,000 miles or after 5 years
    • in some service books it is 75,000 miles or after 5 years
  • Prices for replacement for VW Bora 1.9 TDI 85 kW is approximately 400 USD (belt, pulleys, pump)
  • The price for replacing the timing at Touran (tensioner pulley, guide pulleys, water pump, timing belt and grooved belt) was 450 USD in normal service.

However, it always depends on how much you dare yourself. For cars after the year of production 2014, the risk is already minimal.

How long do timing belts last?

timing belt replacement interval.jpg

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When to change timing belt in Škoda Octavia?

When to change the wiring of the Octavia to prevent the belt from tearing and the serious damage to the engine associated with it? At best, the bending of the intake or exhaust valves may break, but at worst, the camshaft may need to be replaced or the engine block may be damaged. It is ideal to have the entire timing set replaced in advance by a workshop.

When to change divorces?

The ideal timing for changing wiring is relative depending on the engine type. However, it can be written that the interval varies:

  • between 60,000 km and 200,000 km, OR
  • after 6 years of using the car.

* It is usually stated as a shorter replacement interval for diesel engines (60 to 150 thousand km), a longer interval for Octavia petrol engines (120 to 200 thousand km).

The difference between a timing belt and a chain

The price for the replacement of wiring varies between 230 USD and 470 USD, depending on the type of engine and service.

  • timing belt - cheaper and easier replacement, usually changing between 60,000 to 180,000 km (used by some Skoda, VW, Ford)
    • consists of: tensioner pulley, guide pulley, timing belt, water pump
  • timing chain - more expensive and more demanding replacement, must be changed after approx. 200,000 km (used for example by BMW, Honda, Mercedes)
    • consists of: chain tensioner, timing chain, guide rails, slide guide, seal

The usual reason for replacing the wiring is wear (temperature, leaking fluids, or mechanical damage).

My Octavia II, year of manufacture 2012 currently has a mileage of 50 thousand. km and next year I am going to change the distribution system. I will add the price and course of information next September. Currently, my rubber timing belt looks very good, taut and without any suspicious noises.

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