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How do you set the clock on Volkswagen (Golf, Passat, Polo) Changing the time


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Changing the time on your car clock: How to set the time (clock) in Volkswagen cars? VW Polo, Golf or Passat often set the time automatically in newer versions via the radio. However, if you have an older year of production, you will have to set the time yourself manually.

Most VW cars are set via alarm clocks, where you will find a single button under the alarm clocks with speed. With the key in the ignition, just hold this button to the left (you set the hours) or hold it to the right (thus setting the minutes), see video:

Volkswagen Polo time setting

Clock setting for Volkswagen Passat

Clock setting for VW Polo 6N2

Look at the tachometer, there are two buttons at the bottom. Look at the bottom, and the first to the right and left of it are the buttons to set the clock. Take something pointed and set what time you need. The left button is the hour and the right button is the minute.

How to set the time on Volkswagen Golf

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