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ABS & ESP warning light on: Why and what to do? {meaning, explanation}


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Is the ABS and ESP warning light on the Škoda Octavia lit? A relatively common problem, usually related to the replacement of the ABS sensor sensor. The warning lights often come on when the car is accelerated to a higher speed (above 35 km / h) and both ABS and ESP are switched off. As a first solution, the VAG diagnostics will show the sensor, which will then be replaced, but the problem persists. How to solve this problem?

The ABS sensors themselves are activated in the Octavia at speeds of up to 35 km / h. and that is why it is only when accelerating that the warning lights come on. The rear wheel bearing is very often to blame. It must be replaced, including the hub with the ring. The fault is very common in Škoda Octavia 2 cars.

The solution is to replace the entire wheel bearing (not only ABS sensors)!

VAG diagnostics

You will probably see an error on the VAG diagnostics:

  • 00287 - ABS wheel speed sensor rear right (G44)
    • 003 - mechanical error sporadic
  • * Error code is sometimes 01130/008
  • more about VAG self-diagnostics

Price of repair of lit ABS and ESP

The price of replacing the entire bearing ranges from 120 USD to 210 USD. Sometimes behind the lit ABS and ESP warning lights can be the fuses on the battery pack, I recommend checking and possibly removing and removing.

discussion in the forum about the ABS and ESP warning lights on

ESP Warning light

Lights in the car

Warning light ABS ESP on dashboard.jpg

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