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Airbag warning light is ON: Meaning & Explanation


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Why is the airbag warning light on and how do it go out if it is still on after starting? Instructions valid not only for Škoda Octavia cars can be found below. The warning light may be accompanied by the message "Airbag fault". If you have a personal experience or question, please do not hesitate to write in the comments below the article. Thank you.

Why is the airbag warning light on?

There can be several reasons, I will list here all that I managed to find.

  • disconnection of the yellow connector, which is located under the steering wheel of the Octavia 1 (the cause was frost)
  • problem with the airbag connector under the seat (common disease in Octavia 2)
  • disconnected cable leading to the passenger or driver's airbag
  • defective terminal block

How to turn off the airbag control?

The solution may be to simply disconnect and then reconnect the terminal block under the seat and delete the error message. This error only needs to be cleared via VAG. Otherwise, the light will remain on even after the cause has been eliminated.

If the problem persists, someone recommends cutting out the connector under the driver's seat, soldering the wires and erasing the fault (remove the car battery beforehand).

Video about airbag warning light


Airbag warning light meaning explanation.jpg

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