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Engine light on (flashing): Orange / yellow • Meaning + Explanation


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The engine warning light should illuminate correctly in the first ignition position and during starting, but then go out immediately. What to do and what does it mean if the engine warning light is still on or even while driving?

Always, if the yellow / orange engine warning light comes on while driving - stop and turn off the engine immediately. Take a look at the engine and try to estimate the problem according to the points below and whether it is possible to drive a car to the petrol station or to a service center. Try to start again and watch when it lights up and how the car and other systems will react.

This is one of the most serious signals in the car, which should not be underestimated. In any case, even if you are commuting to the service, it is not recommended to exceed higher speeds (personally, I would drive as slowly as possible and the engine did not run at high speeds).

The control indicator illuminates while driving

Only in some cases does this light indicate a critical problem that will make driving impossible. Very often it is possible to drive to the service center without any problems. Driving is completely prohibited in the following cases:

  • When the engine overheating warning light or oil level or coolant level or exhaust warning light also flashes at the same time
  • When the engine vibrates after starting
  • When the idle speed is increased
  • When you smell burns in the cabin
  • When the engine speed does not rise (when the warning light flashes)

Possible causes of the engine warning light

As you can see below, this is a relatively wide range of possible problems that this light can present. Although I personally would prefer service in almost all cases, advanced car owners can try to repair it on their own.

  • Poor quality fuel - If you have just refueled at the gas station and the engine light starts flashing immediately after starting, you can solve it by diluting with better quality petrol.
  • Oxygen sensor problem - Too much soot on sensor or dirt to malfunction. The only solution is to replace the sensor.
  • Catalyst problem - For this cause, it is necessary to measure the back pressure at the outlet with a pressure gauge.
  • Spark Plug Problem - If there is oil or fuel in the threaded area of the spark plugs or brown spots on the insulating surface.
  • Failure of one of the cylinders - It is necessary to check the spark in the cylinder (you can find out with a mulimeter or tester).
  • Dirt on the fuel injection system - Parts need to be cleaned with special additives.
  • Problem with fuel filter or fuel pump - Fuel rail pressure must be measured. The wrong part must be repaired or replaced with a new one.
  • Insufficient oil (or falling below the critical limit) - If the engine warning light illuminates only when the engine is warming up, there is a leak in the lubrication. Look for traces of oil in the engine compartment and on the inside of the bonnet. Tighten everything carefully.
  • Fuel Circulation Problem - When the light is flashing, the cause may be air in the fuel system with a poor gas cap seal.

An interesting experience of the owner Octavia

"This light bothered me for about 100,000 km. Sometimes it shone and sometimes it didn't. If the fault does not appear for some time (approximately 40 times), then it goes out. That really happened. The authorized Škoda service center told me that I was taking too much fuel (the diagnostic message was "too rich a mixture"). However, I refuel until the first shutdown of the pistol. The oxygen sensor and the tank vent valve were replaced by an independent service (again based on a message from the control unit), but without success.

A desperate service worker called Mladá Boleslav, where they explained how to work with diagnostics. If the engine has traveled 220,000 km and some combustion and emission measurement components have been replaced, some kind of auto-calibration must be run to learn how to work with the new values and the degree of engine wear. The light has not been on since. "

Engine warning light: Meaning

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