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Fuse diagram Octavia 1, 2, 3 - Fuse box • Fuses


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The diagram and connection of fuses for Škoda Octavia cars of all three generations is shown in the Workshop Manual.

Various types, including authentic photos of diagrams, including motor fuse diagrams, can be found in this article.

In case of questions, please write in the comments below the article and I will try to advise. Thank you.

Skoda Octavia fuses table

Fuse box in dash panel

Number Power consumer
1 Not assigned
2 Not assigned
3 Not assigned
4 Not assigned
5 Databus
6 Alarm sensor
7 Air conditioning, heating, recipient of the wireless remote control for auxiliary heating, selector lever of the automatic transmission
8 Light switch, rain sensor, diagnostic socket
9 Haldex clutch
10 Touchscreen
11 Heated rear seats
12 Radio
13 Belt tensioner – driver’s side
14 Air blower for air conditioning, heating
15 Electric steering lock
16 Signal amplifier for telephone, telephone preinstallation
17 Instrument cluster
18 Not assigned
20 Operating lever underneath the steering wheel
21 Not assigned
22 Towing hitch – contact in the socket
23 Light – right
24 Panorama roof
25 Control unit for central locking front door right, power windows – left
26 Heated front seats
27 Music amplifier
28 Towing hitch – left light
29 CNG relay
30 Not assigned
31 Headlight – left
32 Parking aid (Park Assist)
33 Airbag switch for hazard warning lights
34 TCS, ESC button, tyre control display, pressure sensor for air-conditioning, reverse light switch, interior mirror with automatic dimming, START-STOP button, telephone preinstallation, control for heating of rear seats, sensor for air-conditioning, 230 V power socket, sport-sound generator
35 Headlight, headlamp beam adjustment, diagnostic connector, camera, radar
36 Headlight right
37 Headlight left
38 Towing hitch – right light
39 Control unit for central locking front door – right, power windows – front and rear right
40 12-Volt power socket
41 Not assigned
42 Central locking rear door – left, right, headlight washer system, windscreen washer system
43 Visor for gas discharge bulbs, interior lighting
44 Towing hitch – contact in the socket
45 Control unit for control of seat adjustment
46 230-Volt power socket
47 Rear window wiper
48 Not assigned
49 Coil on starter relay, clutch pedal switch
50 Opening the boot lid
51 Belt tensioner – front passenger side
52 Not assigned
53 Relay for rear window heater
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