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Decoding (Optional equipment) codes: Decoder VIN


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simple web application for decoding car equipment

So in my free time I put together a mini application for decoding equipment codes from the data plate. The application is located at Igorweb.org/quidec

Using a decoder

The use is trivial - just copy the codes from the label (separate with a semicolon) and click on the Decode and Shift button, the meaning of each code will be displayed

If someone doesn't know where to find the data shield, it is pasted on the first page of the service book and is also in a suitcase not far from the reserve.

If the program does not decrypt the code correctly, write me the e-mail listed on the page. If it can be detected, it will be added to the color database.

Equipment decoder

The equipment decoder is used to decode PR codes indicating equipment or the conversion of some parts of the vehicle. The code plate is located on the first page of the service book, or is affixed to the body in the luggage compartment of the vehicle under the carpet. Instructions for use can be found on the page. The decoder is updated and supplemented with new codes about 2 to 3 times a year.

Equipment code decoder car vehicle VIN.jpg

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