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AUTO HOLD Function: Meaning & Explanation


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What is Auto-Hold function and is it bad for car? 

The Auto Hold function in both Volkswagen and Škoda cars is indispensable for many drivers. It is a very practical function of the parking brake. This dynamic start-up assistant ensures that the car does not reverse even an inch back when starting uphill.

He will take care of the smoothest possible start without worries. For cars with automatic transmission, you will always come across Auto Hold, VW cars with manual transmission have the Auto Hold function only from later models (Sharan, Passat, Tiguan, newer Tourareg or Superb).


  • You must always activate the Auto Hold function yourself (does not work automatically)
  • It is usually marked with the symbol A on the car's on-board computer
  • Press the Auto Hold button to activate and only when you add enough throttle will it turn off and the car will start

The Auto Hold button is usually located next to the electric parking brake button. The best videos in the car are best understood from the following videos:

Auto Hold and electronic parking brake

How does Auto Hold work in Volkswagen


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