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Tire inflation table – Tyre pressure: How to inflate?


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What is the proper tire inflation? How to calculate PSI for car tires? Properly inflated tires are, of course, the basis for safe and economical driving in any car. It affects both:

  • tire wear,
  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • reducing the risk of aquaplaning,
  • braking distance.

Optimal pressure?

In addition, bad conditions are not only underinflation, but also overinflation of the tire.

The tire pressure should vary depending on the load of the car (large differences) as well as the season (winter or summer).

I will add a more detailed article on this topic soon, but first I will focus on the most important thing - the tabular parameters of the individual types of Octavia and the wheels used. In the end, there will be two tire inflation tables according to the manufacturer.

Car tire inflation tables

Tire loading information PSI pressure.jpg

Tyre inflation under inflated over and properely inflated.jpg

Tire inflation standard sizes table.jpg

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