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Škoda Relay 109 (glow) - Where is the relay and how to replace it?


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Relay 109 is used to heat the car and often causes starting problems. Very often the problem is solved by waiting a few minutes and constantly trying until the glow works and then you can start.

However, this is a problem with the relay and it is best to solve the defect as soon as possible by purchasing a new Relay 109, which usually costs around 4 USD and you can replace it yourself at home. Below you will find video instructions on how to proceed with disassembly (the instructions also apply to cars other than the Škoda Octavia).

  • relay code 109 for cars up to 06/2004 is 1J0906381A
  • Relay code 109 for cars from 06/2004 is 6Y0906381
  • Of course, only Octavia 1 diesel engines have a problem

Relay Replacement Procedure 109

  1. First you need to remove the light switch on the left side of the steering wheel. The control must be pushed in and then to the right. Click the connector. Below it we find a screw that holds the plastic under the steering wheel.
  2. Remove the plastic under the pedals and unscrew the other two screws.
  3. Unscrew the screws around the fuses and then the last screw that connects the plastic and the central tunnel. The plastic still needs to be snapped out.
  4. Relay 109 is marked with a number under the steering wheel and with the visible inscription 109. Replacement only takes place by clicking on the old one and clicking on the new Relay 109.

How to replace Glow Plug Relay 109?

Changing relax 109 step by step

Replacing Relay glow 109 step by step tutorial.jpg

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