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Jump a car: How to connect & disconnect Jumper Cables?


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How to use jumper cables in a proper way? Tutorial step by step about correct connection to your car.

How to proceed when connecting and disconnecting jump leads? If the car hiccups and you cannot start, it is often necessary to call a friend or family member with the car started and the jump leads. But how to proceed for proper connection and starting via cables?

Jumper cable connection procedure

How to choose the right procedure when starting a car via cables from one car, which connects to another car and through them the car is started? Follow these steps:

  • First, connect the red (positive plus) cable on the car battery of the discharged car to the positive pin marked Plus +
  • The other end of the red (positive plus) cable is then connected to the positive pin of the car with a functional car battery
  • Then we take the second black (negative minus) cable and connect it to the negative pin of the car with a functional car battery.
  • Connect the other end of this black (negative minus) cable to the vehicle frame with the battery discharged (to a solid metal part as close as possible to the starter)
  • Attention! Never connect it to the car battery itself!
  • Now we start the car with a full car battery and leave the car in neutral started
  • In a car with a discharged car battery, we turn off all lights, radio, etc.
  • Depending on the type of cables, we either start immediately or wait at least 15 minutes and then start.
  • Cables marked 100 A or 200 A must be charged with a discharged car battery.
  • Once the car has started, you can disconnect the car batteries.

Video tutorial about jump start a car

Jumb a car how to use jumper cables.jpg

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