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Owner´s manual by VIN: Where to find for free?


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Car body number: Where can I find the VIN code? VIN is an internationally recognized unique number of each car, which is located in the small and large technical certificate of the car.

In addition, it can be found in many places on each car in very inaccessible and sometimes even secret places (as protection against thieves). It consists of 17 letters and, in addition to the manufacturer's code, consists of a descriptive vehicle code and 7 unique numbers.

Where can I find the VIN code on the car?

In most cars, it is located in several places on the car and is literally driven deep into the body. It is often located in the lower part of the front window on the driver's side (can be read without the presence of the car owner). The second place is on the lower pillar at the front passenger seat in Škoda Auto cars

  • the body number can be found on the dashboard cover to the left of the driver
  • alternatively, you will also find the VIN number on the right-hand corner of the engine in the direction of travel, see illustration

where to find VIN code on the car positions.jpg

Most common places where is VIN number

How to find VIN number

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