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Marten in car engine: How to get rid of martens? (Repellent?)


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Seeing the marten run among the cars in our housing estate is a daily affair. He runs between the cars and chooses which engine to look at. How to mature it and discourage it from your car?

Kuna usually looks for car engines for overnight stays (attracted by the heat from the engine) and rest. Unfortunately, during this relaxation, he often deals with biting and tearing of the internal wiring, insulation and hoses. If she likes the car, she will return regularly after the smell, for example every night. You can often find out about its presence from the hair and footprints in the engine

How about a marten?

The biggest win is, of course, parking in the garages. If you park on your own land, you will fight the marten well (an electric fence is ideal to protect the poultry around the car or dogs and cats released to the land). The worst are the car owners, who like me can only park in a public parking lot. Personally, I have always solved a visit to this "pet" by changing the parking space hundreds of meters away (before it is necessary to spray and wash the engine). Ideally always far from the bushes and vice versa as close as possible to busy roads and sidewalks.

If you have no choice and you have to park in the same place, which unfortunately liked the forest marten for the night, you can try some of the methods see below. There will be a different method for each animal, so you can start from the cheapest to the most expensive and hope that some will work.

Tips for protecting your car against martens

  • dog or cat hair in the engine
  • sponge with suction in the engine
  • a blanket under the car on which cats or dogs sleep
  • electric jammer under the car (it emits ultrasound, which should bother the martens)
  • halogen light aimed at the car all night
  • mesh under the engine (marten does not like to walk on it)
  • perfumes, essential oils, vinegars, soaps, special sprays
  • Toilet blocks that can be smelled on the toilet

The marten is protected and must not be killed or caught and transported to other places. Outside the defending period, ie from March to October, you can try to trap the marten in a trap and transfer it elsewhere.

Personally, however, I would really rather park and hope that you choose a place where the martens will not like. It is better to walk between the car and the apartment than to deal with the destroyed car and have to go to the workshop. Do you have your own experience with marten in the engine? Please do not hesitate to sleep back in the discussion of your experience. I will be happy to add them.

Marten in car engine: How to protect car from damage?

marten in car engine.jpg

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