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CAR WARNING LIGHTS / INDICATORS (on dashboard): Meanings & Explanations


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LIGHTS IN THE CAR. Did any warning light come on while driving? You don't have to panic yet, there are actually only four key: an oiler, a thermometer, an exclamation mark and a battery. Only these will stop you and make you call the towing service. But it pays to know what some others mean.

For a list of all the warning lights and their functions, see the owner's manual for each car. Some carmakers already offer a mobile application that replaces the paper car manual. And it also includes an overview of all lights.

Engine oil pressure

Lights up while driving: stop and switch off the engine immediately. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, then pull out the dipstick and check the oil level. If it is low (below the recess at the bottom of the dipstick), add oil. You must use one prescribed by the car manufacturer. It does not matter the brand, only the so-called viscosity of SAE (eg 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40).

If you do not have oil to top up, do not move on. The same applies even if there is enough oil and the warning light is still flashing. The only option is to get loaded to the towing service and take to the nearest service center.

  • Caution: Do not pull on the rope - do not start and let the engine idle. And without it, power steering and brakes don't work.

Automatic transmission

On: Automatic transmission fault, eg in case of overheating. Sometimes it is also in yellow.

What to do: to check in for service.

Temperature or amount of coolant

On: the fluid is overheated or too low.

What to do: it is necessary to wait until the engine has cooled down and the thermometer will show only 60 ° C, for example, otherwise you will get scalded. Then open the hood and check the amount of liquid in the expansion tank.

If the level is below the line, top it up - you can easily use ordinary water to reach it, it doesn't even have to be distilled. But then you still have to go to the service, where they will add a properly diluted mixture of water.

Amount of engine oil

On: engine oil must be added (see oil info).

Flashing: the level sensor is defective. In this case, you will need to have it checked by a workshop.

Brake lining thickness

On: The front brake pad liner is only about 1000 km ahead.

Caution: the system does not monitor the rear brakes in any way.

ESP indicator light

ESI control indicator illuminates: the chassis stabilization system does not work, but the car runs like a normal car without ESP.

Flashes while driving: the system is currently interfering with the steering - so it is in a potentially dangerous situation.

Front Assist Icon

Light means: you are too close to the car in front of you.

If you have a problem with it, do not hesitate to write your experience with the repair in the comments below the article. Thank you for helping the other drivers.

ABS warning light

Warning light means: the ABS anti-lock brake system is not working.

However, the car continues to brake as before all cars without ABS, so it does not prevent, for example, skidding in the wet.

Light bulb symbol

What does: broken bulb.

It can be anything from low beams, number plate lights to headlights.

Instructions for replacing the bulb on the Octavia 2 Facelift can be found in a separate article.

Engine or electronics control unit failure

If it does not go out after starting: poor quality fuel may be to blame, it usually goes out again after a while. You can then drive the car normally.

Often lit: when using a fuel other than that specified.

When flashing: there may be a serious fault, such as damage to the catalytic converter leading to a drop in performance. Then it is necessary to go to the service immediately.

All car warning lights: What do they mean?

car warning lights indicators on dashboard car what do they mean.jpg

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