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How to change (replace) car key battery? Volkswagen & Skoda


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How to change a car key battery. This tutorial is about car key FOB for Volkswagen and Skoda. This particular car key is for Volkswagen Sharan second generation.

For battery replacement we need to prepare three things: 

  • New battery which is marked as CR2032 for example from Panasonic, Varta or Duracell. It´s 20 mm in diameter and 3,2 mm in depth. It´s Lithium 3Volts battery and cost about 2 Euros or 3 dollars.
  • then our car key with old battery inside and
  • something like flat knife or in my case small screwdriver to open the back par of the car key.

Alright so flip out the key. Now just put a little screwrider here like this and from the other side as well to release back part of the car key.

The alternative way is to open it just with your fingers, but it is not so safe for the plastic cover.

Now you can take back cover of a car key and you see the battery inside. This particular battery is from Panasonic.

You have to take the battery out with helping your screwdriver again. Put it in to this section here and leave the battery out like this.

Positive side is facing you, it is also marked on the back side of the cover with PLUS symbol.

So just push new battery in with this side up. 

As a last step just put the cover back in place.

To check that you´ve done everything allright just press the button and watch red light blinking.

Ok, that´s it, I hope it was usefull for you, please like this video and leave a comment below if you have any troubles.


How to change car key battery FOB Volkswagen Skoda.jpg

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