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Ignition switch problem: How to solve it?


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Issue: About every 10th start, I turn my key in my 2012 F150 and there is a pause (maybe a 1/2 to 1 sec) before cranking and it turns over and starts. This morning, it happened but for about 2 seconds, so I stopped and turned the key again for a quick start. The battery is new, cables are clean and the lights and all seem to have power. My best guess would be it would be something to do with my ignition switch. It doesn’t happen frequently enough for me to have someone listen to see if I hear the starter click but I’m guessing that’s not the issue. So two questions really...

First, I believe it to be the ignition switch or something related to that what do you guys think?

Second question is, if it is the ignition switch, do I have to wait until it completely goes out to know that is the problem? I tried calling Ford and the service advisor (not mechanic) said if it’s that in frequent they will probably have a hard time replicating it and won’t be able to help me until the problem is more present. I am big on fixing my vehicles whenever there is an issue before it becomes a bigger issue.

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