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Dodge Journey: Airbag sensor thing problem


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Just over a couple of weeks ago I had a part put it my car (airbag sensor thing)

Drove my car to and from work the next day

Sick the following day but went to pick up jaime, car dead flat, keys wouldn't even open car. Had it jump started drove it for the hr, went to and from work next day, then the day after that car dead flat again

Had battery checked, it was taken out and fully charged then put back into car

Has been good up until yesterday arvo, not dead dead, jump started it drove it home to a mechanic who checked the alternator which was working fine

Car dead dead this morning, keys won't even open car door again

  • I have a 2010 dodge journey. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?
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I was having the same problems so I switched the alternator and it's fine now as far as starting and not killing the battery...I'm having problems with overheating but thats a whole different problem..


You need to check for current drain with everything switched off. There is something staying on drawing excessive current whilst it is parked overnight.

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