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Ford Escape: Burn so much gas – What´s wrong?


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Can someone please help me figure out why my POS 2005 Ford Escape limited 4WD automatic is burning so heavy on gas. When I fill up it’s says I have almost 400km to empty... I’m lucky if I get 250-300 km a tank my mechanic can’t figure it out. Also my car sounds like a plane or a spaceship when I’m driving it.

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There are several things to look at. Based on your description of the sound my first question is do you have a tachometer on your dash? If Yes what are the rpms reading? if the transmission is making the engine run faster than it should you will have a lot of noise like an air plane. Go for a test drive and watch you tachometer as the transmission shifts into higher gears. This is where I would start. Did your mechanic check the computer for trouble codes? This is also important to locating your problem.

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