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Ford Fiesta: Battery completely died


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Just wondering if anyone can help me i have a ford fiesta 58 plate, the battery completely died due to cold weather and not being run, when i tried to start the car it was trying to tick over but wouldn't then stopped making any noise completely and the abs light came on, finally got someone to help me jump start the car and the abs light has gone off but the brakes are now stiff and hardly dip.

Does anyone know what the issue could be

Thanks in advance

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It could be the brake booster has a leak but have you looked at the rotors and calipers to see if there is a high concentration of rust buildup on them...

If you live in a cold climate it is possible that the vacuum line that feeds vacuum from the engine to the brake booster had a crack in it that cold would cause to worsen or most brake boosters also have a check valve in them that the vacuum line plugs into that can crack from age or it may be that the diaphragm inside the booster has a hole in ir

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