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Skoda Fabia: Problem with starting


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Hiya guys, thanks for the add, ill dive straight in, I bought my wife a '04 plate skoda fabia 1400, with about 52k on the clock about a month ago, it was all fine until it started having trouble starting, it would turn over even almost start, but not quite fire up all the way, more often than not it would start like it was misfiring and only then start normally, after a journey, you could turn it off and on again no problem, this is an intermittent problem, but of course needs sorting, the local garage plugged it in and said the only thing that came up was a coolant sensor, ive looked at a few forums also and in a roundabout way they said that sensor too, so if anyoknw knows for sure, or know its an issue please let me know in the comments?,



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The number one sensor that controls fuel on a cold start up is the coolant temp sensor. The computer determines how much fuel to put into the engine based on this reading. It is easy to test. Let the engine sit over night, then before trying to start connect a scan tool and set it for the data readout. look at the temperature of the coolant temp sensor and the Intake air temp sensor. They should be about equal. You can also check these readings against a thermometer. If a coolant temp sensor reads high like 80 degrees F when the outside temperature is around 40 degrees F or less the engine will be hard starting, may not start or may run rough if it does start.

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