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EPC Warning light: Meaning – How to fix? (explanation of causes)


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EPC indicator light: abbreviation means Electronic Power Control (electric accelerator pedal). If this warning light is on continuously and does not go out after starting, this is a sign of a problem, there may be more than one cause, however, the most common (95%) defective brake lights (sensor is not working, not the bulb!). It takes about 15 minutes to repair a bad brake light sensor.

EPC is an electronic accelerator pedal light. The notification indicates the functionality or the position and speed of the pedal. This is a very common problem in many cars, but it is not the rule.

Why is the EPC light on?

  • blown brake light fuse (defective brake switch)
  • impurity in gasoline
  • water temperature sensor failure
  • if both bulbs in the H7 headlights go out at the same time

Brake light sensor repair

I will share the brake pressure sensor repair instructions as soon as possible. This is a remedy on the fuse in the A-box next to the driver's door. It is necessary to search it with a tester.

The EPC warning light is on, the sensor can be disconnected for reaching (as an emergency solution) and then the brake lights go out, then replace the new switch and that's it. Replacing the brake switch costs approximately 7 USD. It is necessary to unscrew approximately 6 screws before reaching the switch (depending on the car).

Official definition of EPC

The EPC control indicator in the control panel in the instrument panel illuminates when the ignition is switched on. It must go out again after 3 seconds (this is a function test). The indicator light is activated directly by the J361 engine control unit via the ground on the J216 instrument panel processor. If a fault occurs in the electronic accelerator pedal system, it is recorded by the self-diagnosis and displayed via a separate EPC warning light. In this case, the light is solid.

At the same time, the fault information is stored in the fault memory. In the event of a fault in the electric accelerator pedal system, one of the emergency programs will be activated.

Video tutorial about EPC


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