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Battery Warning Light (on dashboard): Meanings & What causes<


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The battery indicator light is on only before starting, it should go out correctly after starting. But what to do and what does it signal if the battery control indicator is still lit after starting? The battery indicator light is used to verify that the alternator is functioning properly.

If the engine is at a standstill and you turn the key, the warning light must come on. It should be on during start-up and go out correctly after start-up. This means that the alternator is working properly and is transmitting the correct voltage to the car's grid. It should never be left on while driving.

If the light is on, this may indicate three options - either the alternator is charging the battery little or not recharging the battery at all, but it can also overcharge the battery.

To find out which of these options it is, you need to have a digital multimeter. This requires you to measure the voltage (up to 20 volts).

Problem No. 1 - the alternator does not charge

If the small alternator charges the battery, you need to solve the problem as soon as possible, as you only start a few times and then the battery will be discharged. After a few starts, you will be forced to start on cables from another car or electrical network.

Problem No. 2 - the alternator overcharges

The opposite of the above case is overcharging. In the measurement described, the multimeter shows the voltage on the battery with the engine running and thus the alternator rotating, a voltage of 15 volts or more. If this happens, the charge light will not illuminate while the engine is running. The alternator is "recharging". However, the charging current is higher than its maximum value set on the controller.

BATTERY WARNING LIGHT {on dashboard}: Meaning & Explanation – What causes battery light come on?



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